Pine Apartment & Pool

8600 Siófok, Ady Endre utca 129. (Bejárat a Szent László utcáról.)

Pine Apartment & Pool

Superbly equipped vacation spot, close to the free beach

Among the multitude of accommodations one might find while searching, the majority are really only equipped with the bare necessities: a place to sleep and a wardrobe, with little else.

However, for someone planning a stay of, say, 2 weeks, this could prove to be quite insufficient, as there might be days when one would prefer to spend time at the accommodation.

Pine Apartment & Pool stands out in this regard, as it is equipped much like a home used for permanent residence.

This means, if the situation arises where you can't (or don't want to) go out, there's no issue, as everything needed to pass the time is available.

Moreover, the wonderful and deservedly popular Siófok Golden Beach is just a 2-3 minute walk away, making the 200-meter distance between the accommodation and the beach easily walkable multiple times a day!

What does Pine Apartment & Pool offer?

The apartment for 6 people, as mentioned, is fully equipped and perfectly suitable for extended stays.

Its 60 m² floor area also provides a much more spacious feeling than a small hotel room of just a few square meters!

The apartment includes:

  • A communal garden pool
  • 2 double bedrooms with queen beds and wardrobes
  • A living room with a pull-out sofa for an additional 2 people, armchair, and TV
  • A bathroom with a shower, toilet, and washing machine
  • A separate entrance, fully functional kitchen with a dining area
  • Free Wi-Fi and cable TV
  • Air conditioning available upon request for an additional charge of 2000 HUF per night

In addition to these, the apartment has a furnished terrace and parking space for 1 car in the enclosed courtyard.

Moreover, the terrace offers a partial view of the Pool, ensuring perfect relaxation in the evenings after busy days.

An apartment's amenities during your vacation

Many people are indeed looking for just a minimally equipped little room where they can sleep at the end of the day between dips in the water.

But what if you're looking for the same comfort during your vacation as you're accustomed to at home?

What if you and your family want to cook for yourselves and perhaps spend a bit more time at the accommodation?

It's only natural that we strive to meet such needs, and it's precisely for these situations that we recommend Pine Apartment & Pool!

Book your accommodation at Pine Apartment & Pool in time!

Wouldn't it be great to stay at a place where stepping out of the garden means just a short walk to the shore? Or would you prefer to swim in the pool instead?

You won't find many accommodations closer to the water, that's for sure!

So, if you want Pine Apartment & Pool to be yours for the desired period, it's advisable to snap it up as soon as possible!

Siófok and the Golden Beach are waiting just for you, don't miss out!