See Vendégház

8600 Siófok, Szent László utca 83.

See Vendégház

Family-friendly atmosphere at the Golden Beach

If you want to save on the constant commuting between your accommodation and the waterfront during your vacation, then our guesthouse is the ideal choice for you.

It's especially recommended for families, as traveling less with children is particularly advantageous – leaving more time for fun and relaxation.

The Advantages of See Vendégház

Anyone who has stayed in a family-run guesthouse knows that there's a certain atmosphere that nothing else can replicate.

Despite many trying to create a similar vibe, none can truly match the feeling of a family-run establishment.

It's something that can't exactly be explained; it needs to be experienced to be understood.

It might be comparable to spending a night in the house you grew up in after a long time away.

But the familial atmosphere alone wouldn't mean much if See Guesthouse wasn't located in one of the most popular vacation areas around Lake Balaton – the Golden Beach!

Indeed, that's the case, and it's only 150 meters from the shore.

This means that after just a 2-3 minute walk, you can be lounging on the beach, enjoying your well-deserved rest.

Sounds good, right?

The distribution of the available rooms is as follows:

KOMFORT apartment, for 1-2 people

A private living space with an en-suite bathroom, equipped with a double bed, furniture, a fridge, and a TV.

Particularly ideal for couples looking for a vacation spot.

KOMFORT apartment, for 1-3 people

These rooms come with one double bed and one single bed, along with a bathroom and, of course, the standard amenities such as furniture, a fridge, and a TV.

KOMFORT apartment with balcony, for 4 people

If there are four of you, this accommodation could be ideal, as it comes with the basic furnishings, a fridge, a TV, and a bathroom, and is equipped with 1 double bed and 2 single beds.

FAMILY apartment with 2 bedrooms

These two-bedroom accommodations are perfect for families and come with the usual amenities. The bed configuration is 1 double and 1 single bed per bedroom.

Thus, with the two bedrooms opened into each other, they can accommodate up to 6 people!

What applies to every room:

Each unit comes with its own bathroom and fridge, and all our guests have access to the shared kitchen.

The accommodations are fully equipped, including a wardrobe, bedside table, table with seats, television with cable channels, and each one can be air-conditioned upon request for an additional fee of 2000 HUF/air conditioner/night.

There are restaurants and a convenience store nearby, just a 2-5 minute walk away, and the famous Petőfi Promenade is only 2 km away.

Moreover, all our guests can park safely and free of charge in the guesthouse courtyard.

Why is See Vendégház better than other accommodations?

Everyone has different needs and ideas of what makes a perfect vacation, as well as different expectations for their accommodations and rooms.

Some may prefer secluded, harder-to-reach, quiet areas, while others wouldn't settle for anything less than a 4-star hotel in a prime location.

That's precisely what makes our guesthouse wonderful; it's somewhere in between an apartment and a hotel room, offering both service and a familial atmosphere.

Moreover, staying in a guesthouse usually represents a golden mean in terms of pricing, making it ideal for solo, couple, and family-friendly vacations.

If you happen to be one of those who prefer staying in such a charming guesthouse, from where everything is easily accessible (especially the waterfront), then See Guesthouse is designed for you!

And if you're not in the mood for the beach, you don't have to give up on fun, as there's a pool in the garden, as well as outdoor lounging areas and sunbeds.

Additionally, there are facilities for grilling or cooking in a cauldron if you'd like to have a cozy evening.

You can keep your bicycle in a secured place in the garden while you enjoy your well-deserved rest with us.

Book your accommodation and enjoy the comfort of a real guesthouse!

It's natural that you'd want to vacation in Siófok, as it truly has everything needed for superb relaxation.

And what could be a better base for splashing in Lake Balaton and exploring the area than See Vendégház?

Book your accommodation in advance to avoid someone else taking your preferred spot!

Request a quote for the room you like the most, and we will ensure your stay is uninterrupted and relaxing.