House Rules

Dear Guests, we would like to inform you that you are obliged to adhere to the house rules detailed below for the duration of your stay at all our accommodations! Furthermore, by commencing to use our services, you accept the house rules outlined below and commit to abide by them.

1. Our "reception" is open on the days of our guests' arrival. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our colleagues, or call this phone number outside the reception's opening hours: 0036-20/225-8400
2. Wi-Fi is available at every accommodation, and the access information is displayed within the premises.
3. Everyone on the premises of the accommodations is there at their own risk, and the facilities, used objects, and equipment can only be used at one's own risk as well!
4. Information about the current prices, service fees, and the schedule of opening hours can be obtained from our staff.
5. Upon arrival, all our guests are required to present their personal identification documents to our "reception" staff for data verification and recording purposes, in compliance with the legal data provision obligations.
6. The designated employees of the accommodations are authorized to check the legitimacy of using the services at any time.
7. Children under the age of 4 can use the services of the accommodations for free.
8. Check-in at the accommodations is possible from 2 PM to 8 PM on the day of arrival. Check-in at times other than these is not possible, even for an additional fee. The accommodation must be vacated by 10 AM on the day of departure.
9. Smoking in the communal areas of the accommodations is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by law! Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. We kindly ask our smoking guests to assist in maintaining cleanliness throughout the accommodations by not discarding cigarette butts everywhere but placing them in the designated containers. Thank you very much!
10. It is prohibited to charge electric cars, wash cars, litter, water plants, or pour out detergent water on the premises of the accommodations!
11. We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests that the payment of parking fees is mandatory in the central area of Siófok city. Parking is free in the courtyard of the accommodations and on the street in front of them. We do not assume any responsibility for damages incurred to vehicles parked in the accommodation's own courtyard or on the street, nor for valuables left inside them.
12. Pets may only be brought onto the premises of the accommodations after prior arrangement. Dogs must be kept on a leash within the premises of the accommodations, and their waste must be immediately cleaned up by their owners.
13. Lighting fires, candles, or air fresheners is strictly prohibited throughout the accommodations!
14. All guests must comply with the instructions and guidelines of the owners/operators/employees of the accommodations.
15. Please report any unusual events – personal injury, fire, presence of hazardous equipment or objects – to the staff, who are authorized and obligated to take action.
16. The owners/operators of the accommodations are not liable for the loss or theft of valuables, nor can they be held responsible for damages resulting from acts of nature, fire, or events beyond their control (e.g., power outages, lightning strikes).
17. Please hand in any found items to the employees of the accommodations. If the rightful owner of the found item comes forward, they must present their ID and sign to confirm the receipt.
18. For the safety of the guests, the entire area of the accommodations is monitored by cameras, the recordings of which the owner of the accommodations is obligated to hand over only to an authoritative body.
19. It is forbidden to remove or take away any equipment items belonging to the accommodations.
20. Anyone who misuses, intentionally damages or negligently harms, or unlawfully takes the furnishings, equipment, or property of the accommodations, causing damage, is obliged to reimburse the damage at the replacement cost of the new purchase price. Otherwise, the owners of the accommodations will notify the appropriate authority.
21. When leaving the accommodation, please ensure that all doors and windows are closed and, if available, activate the alarm system for the protection of your valuables and the accommodation.
22. We kindly ask you to keep both the outdoor and indoor areas of the accommodations clean. Please consider the guests who will arrive after you.
23. Parents, guardians, or group leaders are responsible for their children. Please keep children under constant supervision! Parents or educators are also responsible for ensuring the children they are vacationing with adhere to the house rules.
24. After 10:00 PM, it is strictly forbidden to disturb the peace of other guests at the accommodations. Loud noise, using personal sound systems, or any other activities that could disturb the rest of other guests are prohibited at all times throughout the accommodations. The owners/operators reserve the right to refuse service to, or immediately expel from the premises, any guests who are causing disturbance or behaving scandalously, infringing on the peace of other guests.
25. We request our guests to express their satisfaction, appreciation, or dissatisfaction regarding the manner and quality of the service, the behavior of the service staff, and any observations related to the facility's operation via email, for the immediate improvement of our service quality.
26. In case of prostitution activities, we will immediately notify the Police!
27. We refuse check-in to individuals who are behaving scandalously, are intoxicated, or are under the influence of any drugs, and no refunds will be made.

Please contribute to the smooth operation of our accommodations by adhering to the above, so that all our dear Guests can have a pleasant stay! Thank you very much!

We wish you a pleasant rest!

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