Information on the Use of Cookies on the Website

To ensure a reliable and satisfactory user experience, the website uses cookies.

Cookies are placed in the browser program of the device used by the user to visit the website. These cookies can later be deleted or modified by the website, or even new ones can be created based on the previous ones.

The storage duration of the data generated depends on the type of cookie. In some cases, data storage occurs only for the duration of use, while in other cases, the data remains on the user's device until they delete it.

According to the data protection law, the user's prior consent is required for the use of cookies that store their data.

The website automatically manages those cookies that do not require consent.

Function of cookies related to data management: ensuring a good user experience and facilitating business transactions.

Legal basis for data management: voluntary consent of the visitor.

Types of cookies used on the website:

cookies responsible for the operation of;
cookies tracking the use of the website;
cookies related to social media platforms;
session cookies.
Use of data collected by cookies: the website owner uses it exclusively for their own purposes, primarily to ensure a good user experience and to support business transactions. These data are not transmitted unlawfully, without the user's prior consent.

Regulation of cookie usage: every visitor can moderate the cookies found on their device in their own browser. These can be done on the following links for the respective browsers:

Microsoft Edge:
Internet Explorer:
We draw every user's attention to the fact that disabling cookies on may cause limitations in the operation of the website and can also hinder the achievement of a satisfactory user experience.

Interest-based advertisements can be disabled by every visitor, as a result of which they will not receive advertisements related to their browsing history.

Disabling advertisements can be done on the following links: